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The English SDK for Apache Spark is an extremely simple yet powerful tool. It takes English instructions and compile them into PySpark objects like DataFrames. Its goal is to make Spark more user-friendly and accessible, allowing you to focus your efforts on extracting insights from your data.

English As Code

Getting Started

DataFrame Transformation

Given the following DataFrame df, you can write English to transform it to another DataFrame. For example:"What are the best-selling and the second best-selling products in every category?").show()

product category revenue
Foldable Cellphone 6500
Nromal Cellphone 6000
Mini Tablet 5500
Pro Tablet 4000

Data Ingestion

auto_df = spark_ai.create_df("2022 USA national auto sales by brand")

Plot"pie chart for US sales market shares, show the top 5 brands and the sum of others")
2022 USA national auto sales_market_share by brand