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Data Ingestion


    desc: str,
    columns: Optional[List[str]] = None,
    cache: bool = True) -> DataFrame

Given a SparkAI instance spark_ai, you can use this method to create a Spark DataFrame by querying an LLM from web search result.

  • param desc: the description of the result DataFrame, which will be used for web searching
  • param columns: the expected column names in the result DataFrame
  • param cache: If True, fetches cached data, if available. If False, retrieves fresh data and updates cache.
  • return: a Spark DataFrame


If you have set up the Google Python client, you can ingest data via search engine:

auto_df = spark_ai.create_df("2022 USA national auto sales by brand")
Otherwise, you can ingest data via URL:
auto_df = spark_ai.create_df("")

Take a look at the data:

rank brand us_sales_2022 sales_change_vs_2021
1 Toyota 1849751 -9
2 Ford 1767439 -2
3 Chevrolet 1502389 6
4 Honda 881201 -33
5 Hyundai 724265 -2