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API Optional[str] = None, cache: bool = True) -> str
This method is used to plot a Spark DataFrame, the specifics of which are determined by the desc parameter. If desc is not provided, the method will try to plot the DataFrame based on its schema.

  • param desc: An optional natural language string that outlines the specific transformation to be applied on the DataFrame.
  • param cache: If True, fetches cached data, if available. If False, retrieves fresh data and updates cache.
  • return: Returns the generated code as a string. If the generated code is not valid Python code, an empty string is returned.


Given a DataFrame auto_df from Data Ingestion, you can plot it with the following code:
2022 USA national auto sales by brand

To plot with an instruction:"pie chart for US sales market shares, show the top 5 brands and the sum of others")
2022 USA national auto sales_market_share by brand