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Installation and Setup


pyspark-ai can be installed via pip from PyPI:

pip install pyspark-ai

pyspark-ai can also be installed with optional dependencies to enable certain functionality. For example, to install pyspark-ai with the optional dependencies to plot data from a DataFrame:

pip install "pyspark-ai[plot]"

For a full list of optional dependencies, see the Optional Dependencies section.

Configuring OpenAI LLMs

As of July 2023, we have found that the GPT-4 works optimally with the English SDK. This superior AI model is readily accessible to all developers through the OpenAI API.

To use OpenAI's Language Learning Models (LLMs), you can set your OpenAI secret key as the OPENAI_API_KEY environment variable. This key can be found in your OpenAI account:

export OPENAI_API_KEY='sk-...'
By default, the SparkAI instances will use the GPT-4 model. However, you're encouraged to experiment with creating and implementing other LLMs, which can be passed during the initialization of SparkAI instances for various use-cases.


from pyspark_ai import SparkAI

spark_ai = SparkAI()
spark_ai.activate()  # active partial functions for Spark DataFrame

You can also pass other LLMs to construct the SparkAI instance. For example, by following this guide:

from langchain.chat_models import AzureChatOpenAI
from pyspark_ai import SparkAI

llm = AzureChatOpenAI(
spark_ai = SparkAI(llm=llm)
spark_ai.activate()  # active partial functions for Spark DataFrame

As per Microsoft's Data Privacy page, using the Azure OpenAI service can provide better data privacy and security.

Optional Dependencies

pyspark-ai has many optional dependencies that are only used for specific methods. For example, ingestion via spark_ai.create_df("...") requires the requests package, while plotting via df.plot() requires the plotly package. If the optional dependency is not installed, pyspark-ai will raise an Exception if a method requiring that dependency is called.

If using pip, optional pyspark-ai dependencies can be installed as optional extras, e.g. pip install "pyspark-ai[ingestion, plot]". All optional dependencies can be installed with pip install "pyspark-ai[all]".

Specific groups and their associated dependencies are listed below. For more details about groups, see the

Group Description Dependencies Pip Installation
Plot Generate visualizations for DataFrame pandas, plotly pip install "pyspark-ai[plot]"
Vector Search Improve query generation accuracy in transformations faiss-cpu, sentence-transformers, torch pip install "pyspark-ai[vector-search]"
Ingestion Ingest data into a DataFrame, from URLs or descriptions requests, tiktoken, beautifulsoup4, google-api-python-client pip install "pyspark-ai[ingestion]"
Spark Connect Support Spark Connect grpcio, grpcio-status, pyarrow pip install "pyspark-ai[spark-connect]"